EMAIL: sabinastent@gmail.com

I am a Birmingham (UK) based freelance writer, lecturer, and independent scholar specialising in women Surrealists and visual culture. My bylines include Magnum Photos, CrimeReads, Polygon, AnOther Magazine, FANDOM, Women Write About Comics, SciFi Now, The F Word, Real Crime Magazine, MAI Journal: A Journal on Feminist Visual (where I am a contributing editor), and few more outlets. I have guest lectured for the Morbid Anatomy Museum, The Last Tuesday Society, Treadwell’s Books, Sotheby’s School of Art, and at various international academic conferences. And I write a newsletter called Love Letters During A Nightmare.

I have a wide range of interests, and my work frequently branches out. Plus, I enjoy blurring the boundaries between subjects, for example from old Hollywood to contemporary horror, and from twenty century couture to hard rock bands. This is why you may find me tweeting about Leonor Fini one moment, and Guns N’ Roses the next (if you followed me for a while, you’ll know I’m a dyed-in-the-wool hard rock and glam metal nerd).

For writing commissions, lectures, and art consultations, please reach out to the email above. Feel free to say hi on Twitter: @SabinaStent

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