Noirvember – Day 1 (Intro)


It’s that time of year again: the clocks have turned back, the nights are drawing in, and I resemble a walking mass of scarves. Halloween, All Souls, Los Dios Del Muertos, All Saints, Bonfire Night (personally not a fan of fireworks because of the cats) and Noirvember.

Yes, I spelled that right. Not November but Noirvember. For those new to the idea, Noirvember is the brainchild of Ms Marya Gates (film historian, blogger and social media genius for TCM and Filmstruck), and is now in it’s seventh year. It’s joyous: a month-long tweet-athon, blog-a-thon, talk-a-thon, watch-a-thon encompassing all things Film Noir. If you search the hashtag on twitter or Facebook – or even on wordpress – you will see how much the ‘event’ has taken off.

So, this year, instead of sporadically watching the films and occasionally tweeting about them, I have decided to join in. Everyday I will post something here to celebrate this most delicious of seasons. It may be a long piece of short, a review of a film, a photograph – or even an item of fashion – but I will engage with the hashtag and blog daily for the entire month.

I hope you enjoy this little foray. Welcome to the dark side…


* I decided to blog about #Noirvember this morning, at 8am, on a whim (impulsiveness is my forte). Therefore, this post is for yesterday. Please pop back for today’s post.

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