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Chester Bennington: 3 Years Gone

Three years ago, we lost a screaming angel.

He had that voice, a voice that could tear you apart while comforting you at the same time.

Seeing Linkin Park for the first time, on MTV in 2000, it was impossible not to be floored by the gentle-looking blonde boy infusing his lyrics with all the pain he had endured, and would continue to endure throughout his life. A talented, young, brilliant musician. A tragic, heart-wrenching death.

RIP Chester, you are so very missed.

Chester Bennington, March 20, 1976 – July 20, 2017.

American Graffiti

In March I wrote about Dennis Stock’s behind the scenes photos of American Graffiti (one of my favourite movies) for Magnum Photos‘ ‘Magnum on Set’ series.  It was such a joy writing this piece:


Dennis Stock Actor Charles Martin Smith on the set of “American Graffiti,” filmed in and around the Bay Area. California. USA. 1972. © Dennis Stock | Magnum Photos


Charlie Chaplin’s Limelight

For Magnum Photos I wrote about W. Eugene’s Smith moving photographs of Charlie Chaplin as he made Limelight (1952), the most personal film of his career:


Photo by W. Eugene Smoth (1952)