The LA Diaries 2019 #2: Fashion and Tiki


The Woman’s Club of Hollywood is one of the best-kept secrets in Hollywood. On a quiet road, a couple of blocks away from The Roosevelt and the Boulevard is an unassuming on the outside, a stately home inspired building creeping with history.

Founded in 1905 by twenty Hollywood women — “wives, daughters and sisters of Hollywood Pioneers to support the community” — the club was the building blocks of the City’s legacy.

The Woman’s Club Members created the Hollywood Public Library in 1906, were founding members of the Hollywood Studio Club and the Hollywood Bowl and supported the Hollywood High School and the Hollywood Hospital – all before they were allowed to vote!

In 1908 the club moved to their current location, the previous site of the Hollywood School for Girls, where Jean Harlow and many of the mogul’s daughters were students. Even Edith Head taught here, which was especially fitting given my reason for attending: Kimberly Truhler’s Fashion in Film of TCMFF lecture.

With reference to the films on the schedule, including my opening night choice Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Kimberley took us on a detailed, illustrated, sartorial trip in the most perfect of locations. The evening is always a highlight of the trip, the lecture serving as a gathering for friends who have not seen one another for the best part of a year, so it always serves as an official pre-festival reunion of sorts. I have included some of my highlighted tweets below:

Following the talk, I went to meet friends at Lono, a Tiki bar on Hollywood Boulevard. This would have been a regular, easy, fifteen minutes or so walk if it was not for the Santa Ana-like winds pushing against me, blowing palm tree branches everywhere, and, not going to lie or exaggerate here, lifting this five-foot-nothing-hundred-pounds woman off her feet. There were a couple of Seven Year Itch moments with my dress, but luckily my weighty shawl prevented anything dramatic or dangerous occurring. I beat the elements and was taking shelter in the neon-tinted bar where a glass of wine was calling my name. A great full day. And the movies had not even started yet.




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