Tis the season

Nan Goldin, Fairy Light in Cherry Blossons, N.Y., 2004 ✨

I haven’t updated here for a rather long time, but seeing as certain links are gonna be banned from a certain platform, thought I’d say a quick hi!

You probably know I have a Linktree, and that is where you can find links to all my places — including here. I’ve spent most of the year building up the newsletter, but in favouring Substack I’ve neglected this space. However, I intend to use this blog much more frequently for smaller posts and articles and stuff in the New Year.

Until then, if you want me you can find me in all the places, but until then, have a restful Christmas or Holiday however you spend it. Wishing all of you hope and happiness for the Season, and all the good wishes for a beautiful, healthy and happy 2023

See you in the New Year!

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